Perpetual Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God ~~my mother and Spiritual Mother of all mankind ~~

I desire to dedicate myself to your Immaculate Heart. Your Heart is Immaculate because you were conceived without original sin, and you are in complete union with God.  I consecrate all that I am and all that I have to you.
Allow me to be your ambassador, worthy of your confidence. As you permitted a humble Indian to convey your message of hope and love to all the people on the entire American Continent, permit me to spread your Son's message of salvation to everyone I meet.
You are the Mother of Faith  ~~  Reveal to me the truth of all the mysteries of the Catholic Faith ~~ that truth which is found within your Son's teachings and all that has been handed down to me from the Apostles.
You are the Mother of Hope ~~  Please ask the Father to "open my eyes so that I may see" and "to open my ears so that I may hear." Transform my heart which has been hardened by the sins of this world. Heal my wounded soul, which has been confused and deeply injured by the " dark thorns of untruth."  SANCTIFY ME IN TRUTH!
You are the Mother of Love ~~ a true Spiritual Mother, asking nothing for yourself. You are only waiting for me to come to you and ask for your protection and assistance. PLEASE TEACH ME TO LOVE!
When I come to you, my Dearest Mother, I know you will embrace me in your motherly arms and ~~
lead me to your Son.                                 Amen.