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Gather 'round while we tell you a story ~ A True Story ~

Let us travel back to our grade school studies where we learned that a Spanish explorer, Christopher Columbus, was the first person from a foreign land to discover America in the fifteenth century when he was searching for a trade route to India.

What we have to remember is that with this discovery, he brought the first light of Christianity to America when he landed on a little island in the Caribbean Sea called 
San Salvador in the year 1492.

When the weary travelers came ashore, their first act of Thanksgiving was to erect a cross and to celebrate Benediction on the newly found soil. 




It wasn't until 1519 when Hernán Cortés landed on the shores of Mexico, on Good Friday, that the first TRUE spiritualTransformation
of this great continent began.  This was long before the first Pilgrims from England landed on the eastern coast of North America. 


What FAITH was brought by this Spanish explorer?


Together we will rediscover that faith!


        At this site expect to find the TRUTH about this FAITH which was brought to the American Continent five centuries ago.

        The information found on these pages will nourish and enlighten your soul.

  Please come on a journey with us ~ guided by the loving hand of ~~~


As this site has grown significantly and its content being of much importance, it is recommended that it be read either page by page or section by section
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