Encounter with
the "Living"
Jesus Christ

Page 1
    Our encounter during the Great Jubilee
Page 2
    How we encounter the Living Jesus Christ    

Page 3 
    Where we encounter the Living Jesus Christ

Encountering Jesus Christ in AMERICA Today

Page 1
    Situation of men and women of America and their encounter with the Lord
    Christian identity of America
    Fruits of holiness in America
    Popular piety
    Eastern Catholic presence
    The Church in the field of education and social action

Page 2
    Growing respect for human rights
    Phenomenon of globalization
    Cultural globalization
    Growing urbanization

Page 3
    Burden of external debt
    Drug trade

    Ecological concern

The Path of Conversion

Page 1
    Urgency of the call to conversion

Page 2
    Social dimension of conversion

Page 3
    Guided by the Holy Spirit to a new way of living

Page 4
    Universal call to holiness
    Penance and reconciliation


Scriptural Verses

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