A Miracle or a Delusion?

“…blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed.” ¹

For those who are like the “doubting Thomas,” the original Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, that God the Father “painted” onto the cactus fiber cloak, tilma, of Juan Diego hangs above the main altar in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

If you doubt, you may journey there and see for yourself.

The Image is imprinted upon a natural fiber from the maguey cactus and experts say it should have disintegrated after twenty years but for the sake of “doubters,” let us say after one hundred years. 

The truth is that this Image has remained intact for more than 
470 years!


The Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe has undergone intense testing “time and time” again by many “doubters” in the scientific field.  The same conclusion is drawn.  The miraculous Image has not been painted by human hands and the colorful pigments that form the Image are not of this world.

"He has not done such for any other nation!"

Eye specialists have looked with special instruments, ophthalmoscopes, inside of the Image’s eyes and have discovered retinal reflections of Juan Diego and Bishop Zumárraga and the prestigious company who was with him when the Image appeared.

The life-size Image has been studied in such detail that every portion has great meaning.  The brooch worn at the top of her gown reveals a delicate cross which symbolizes the crucifixion of her Son, our Redeemer.

Our Lady’s hands folded in prayer reassures us that she is constantly praying for us.

The cord that ties her wrists together tells us that she does, in fact, belong to someone more important than herself ~ she belongs to God.

She appeared as a Spanish-Indian princess in her white, fur-like cuffs, in her gown imprinted with golden flowers and her teal-colored mantle covered with countless images of golden stars. The stars on her sleeveless cloak, mantle, are an exact representation of their position in the sky when she appeared to Juan Diego.

The black tie that is cinched above her waist is an indication of pregnancy.



What appears to be her right foot could possibly be the face of an infant whose body is carefully wrapped at her feet.



Fact or Fiction?


Today there exists the original historical document called The Nican Mopohua, which recounts the truth of the appearance of the Most Holy and Perpetual Virgin, Maria, to the humble Indian, Juan Diego, in Mexico City. 

A distinguished Indian scholar, Don Antonio Valeriano, wrote this document in the vividly expressive native Indian language of Nahuatl.  Being a personal friend of Juan Diego, Juan Bernardino and Bishop Zumárraga, his historic account of the miraculous appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the geographic midpoint of America is FACT! 

A priest named Mario Rojas Sánchez then later transcribed this original document into Spanish.

The New York City Library purchased this invaluable written record in 1880 and it can be found there today!

¹John 20:29  "Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen Me, Thomas, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen and have believed."