A "Pathway" to Heaven


Prayer ~~ "Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved spouse."

The GREAT JUBILEE  has announced 
a time for a new beginning!

One by one, as the individual CONVERSION of heart or "spiritual soul" takes place, a long awaited renewal of the Church will also take place.

Through the mystical power of "grace," the Holy Spirit will allow our hearts to be "opened"
and impel us to "return to the House of the Father."
(Luke 15:21 and 31)

Through the actions of the Holy Spirit, a new "spring time" of Faith will emerge!

The FAITH will be as strong as the budding forth of new "shoots of grass" after a long winter's rest. 

It will be a Faith that has been newly revitalized and eager to absorb the "life giving" Grace of the Holy Spirit. It will continue to grow through the virtues of humility and generosity.

No heart has been so "hardened" by sin and a long estrangement from God, that it cannot be converted by the love and mercy of God!  

Even Saul, after his countless number of persecutions of the early Christians, was converted! He had to be physically blinded by a flash of light from Heaven, but he was converted. (Acts 9: 1-16)

That CONVERSION took place and the Lord used him!

Saint Paul (Saul), spent the rest of his life traveling from country to country spreading the "Good News" of the Gospel and working toward the conversion of all.

Was it because God loved him? 

                        YES! ~~ as He loves all of us

Was it because God wanted to use him to convert others

Yes!  ~~ as He desires to use all of us to be witnesses to His  unfathomable Love, Mercy and Forgiveness!


But remember, God respects our "free will."   He has given each of us the ability to make our own decisions ~~ whether in accord with His Divine Will or not.  Did we ever stop to think why God has given us a free will?  If we had the ability to create something, would WE risk giving our creation a "free will" of its own, thereby giving it the ability to maybe "turn against us?"  He has given us a "free will" BECAUSE

He LOVES us--and all He asks of us is to love Him in return.

It is only then that all else will come ~~ Faith that He exists! 

That He is "alive!"


 It is then that we will earnestly desire to be obedient to His Commandments BECAUSE we love Him and want to please Him!

Our hearts must not be "lukewarm" in response to God's love and invitation to CONVERSION.

 True CONVERSION is a process. 



We must take the time in order to re-examine our "way" of life.

The conversion process entails the clearing away of the obstacles, such as egoism and pride that hinder the 
which God had originally intended for us to follow.

When we follow this "Pathway to Heaven,"  we are doing God's Will and He wants us to be totally committed to staying "on the right path."

If we stray from the path through sin, may our hearts be "open" to return to the path through the SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION. 

Today, The Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Moon under Her Feet, Mary, is searching with much sorrow in her heart for all her children who have "strayed" from their "pathway." She has "taken us by the hand" and lead us to Her Son, Jesus Christ.

It is Jesus, then, who will lead us to His Father!


We pray ~~ 

Our Lady of Guadalupe, please set little "fires of love" in our hearts.

Beloved Jesus, allow the purifying "fire" of Your love to consume our selfish selves. 

Sweet Holy Spirit, send Your "renewing" grace to "feed" the fire so that it may burn more intensely, and 

                     shine more brightly!


Dearest Father in Heaven, as You sent the first Apostles with their hearts "on fire" with Your love and Your truth, send us, that we may be apostles of the 

NEW EVANGELIZATION which had begun with the GREAT JUBILEE year.

Most Holy Trinity, one God, may others see the "Light" that shines from us and may the "fire of love" in our souls, set other "hearts on fire" with Your perfect love and truth!

From the GREAT JUBILEE Year, untold blessings have been bestowed upon 
all who ask and whose hearts are "open" to receive them!


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