A Culture of Death



            Let us take a deeper look at what the Spanish explorer, Hernán Cortés saw on this beautiful continent in 1519.  He was shocked to find that warm, beating hearts were being cut from the chests of native people on the top of great stone pyramids in order to satisfy blood thirsty pagan gods.



During the 1500’s, the Aztec rulers believed that their gods of “WAR” and of the “SUN” demanded human sacrifice.  Lined up the high steps of the pyramids were women, children, and men who may have even felt that it was a privilege and honor to sacrifice their lives in order to appease their gods.  These self-same natives served as the sacrifices and whose very lives were being offered every 15 seconds.  At one time, 80,000 people sacrificed their lives at the command of the Aztec rulers, in order to satisfy the Aztec “god of war”, 20,000 people were sacrificed each day for four days.



What Transformation took place within this continent?



We will discover that it was not a “physical” change, but a change of hearts and minds!  



Please travel with us, back to the year 1531, more than 471 years ago ~~ 



~~ It is a long journey, but a GREAT REWARD awaits us all ~~