"Encountering" Jesus Christ in America Today


"Reflections" regarding  ENCOUNTERING JESUS CHRIST IN AMERICA TODAY              (continued)



Prayer ~~  "Come Holy Spirit!  Come and transform the hearts of all your people!  Come quickly, so we may at long last "see" the new heavens and new earth!" 



The burden of external debt

Pope John Paul II feels that the debts of many of the countries in America are often the

direct result of 

and poor administration,"

even though many different factors may come into play. 

 Some of these factors may be high interest rates and the failure to "think first" as to how the debt may be repaid.  Other reasons may be,  "...huge sums (of money) obtained through international loans which sometimes go to enrich individuals INSTEAD of being used to pay for the changes needed for the country's development."

He points out that payment of the interest alone presents a real burden to the poorer countries  

and still further deprives the nation of the money that could be much better used for the countries' social development, education, health and jobs.

Sadly, it appears that the current system used by some countries for securing and eventually repaying their external debts may greatly lack responsible behavior on the part of those government officials involved.  

It is good for us to remember that  the use of  credit has the capability of binding all of us, against our wishes, to either someone, if a personal loan is involved, or to something, like a financial institution, if that is where the loan was obtained.



The deadly epidemic of corruption  needs to be condemned as a powerful evil! 

Our Pope advocates that this "plague" be combated forcefully by those in authority along with the generous support of ALL of us whose governments are involved!   

He reminds us that it is important that the combating of this "plague" be an ongoing responsibility and one that needs to be performed with the strength of a FIRM moral conscience!

 He feels that the taking of bribes may involve    

people who think they deserve more consideration than other people.  

Sometimes, even we  try to "mask over" or "cover up" the wrong that we do, AND
 if that does not work,  we may even try to "justify the evil" that we have done.  
Unfortunately, some governments appear to be no different in their actions than the individuals.

Pope John Paul II comments that it would be admirable if our governments would make their dealings public so that we, the citizens, would be aware of what is happening. 


He reminds us that No matter what,

we MUST "speak out" when God's law is being compromised!

 He further advises that it would be extremely helpful if groups could be formed in order to oversee that corruption does not take place within our governments.  


The drug trade

The drug trade and use of drugs represents a very serious threat, not only to the individual who is using the drugs, 
it may create a "domino effect" starting with the person's family and ending with the country's survival.  

You may be asking yourself, "How is this able to happen?"

If we use drugs, it is a fact that the drugs have a truly detrimental physical and mental effect upon us, but what we fail to realize is the fact that

it also has a direct affect upon our families ~~

sometimes to the point of destruction!    

Constant drug use 
         inevitably leads to self-destruction

leads to not being able to function as a responsible human being. 

 "Needing a fix" becomes more important than living up to the daily responsibilities of family, children, job and faith in God.


When the structure of the family becomes unstable,  

 affects society!  

This happens because the drug dependent person often turns to a life of crime in order to support their habit.  Innocent people may become their victims, as they steal, rob or even kill to obtain money for drugs. 
Much of the social destruction that we see, comes in the form of violence.  


When a society is affected, it reflects upon the culture

when entire cultures are involved,
it ultimately affects the entire nation ~~ its stability and economic growth.


The drug trade succeeds in "lining the pockets" of the dealers and suppliers.  They have no regard for human life. 

 The only thing important to them is the profits.  Profits which are at the expense of the lives of the people who are addicted ~~ their families, society, their culture and  their nation!

God made all human life precious!

drugs destroy life!


Ecological concern

God created the world

"and saw that it was good!" (Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 31 ~~ And God saw all the things that He had made, and they were very good.  And the evening and morning were the sixth day.) 

  God entrusted the care of this world to us!  It is an unfortunate fact that some of us are not taking care of it as we should.  Many of our countries' resources are being misused or consumed by a selfish minority. For example, the United States of America has  approximately 10% of the world's population but it is estimated that we consume 50% of the world's goods.  

In order for us to maintain human life, it is our responsibility to maintain the earth as well.

Without trees and green plants, there will be no oxygen.


Without clean water, there will be no drink.

Without fertile soil there will be no food.


We must all be concerned with the preservation of the world's natural resources.


Our Holy Father reminds us that, the South American rain forests which extend into eight different countries, Brazil, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, are one of the world's most precious natural regions.  Because of its biodiversity,

 this area is vital for the environmental balance of the entire planet!


The truth is that we are living in a world that seems to be changing "faster than it is spinning."  We are finding that some of these changes are not for the good of individuals, societies, cultures and countries.

The hope lies in the fact that when we put our faith and trust totally in God, and become active participants in these changes, we are reassured that good things will happen.

However, if we choose to allow others who do not have this faith and trust to make decisions for us, where there is NO MORAL conscience, then we, ourselves, will become victims of a godless society.

It is important for all who BELIEVE IN GOD, HIS WORDS, HIS TEACHINGS and HIS LAWS to take a stand and make this world a better place for all.

EVANGELIZATION is the key to prosperity and hope for all people.

PRAYER and SACRIFICE will overpower evil, but 

we must be united in our efforts.  



Pray for those in public office so that the light of the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to them. 

As Christians, of all faiths we must be the messengers of faith, hope and love

 to all!!   

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