In the year 1531, a beautiful "princess" was sent from Heaven and appeared in the idolatrous continent of America to a humble Indian. She told the uncle of the Indian that her name was a word that sounded like "Co-at-la-su-pé," which means "one who treads on snakes!"  Then, could the Bishop have misunderstood and thought she said, "Our Lady of Guadalupe" which means "River of Light." 

The Lady is a dark-skinned princess with eyes looking downward as if she is looking at all mankind with the love and concern of a mother. She is wearing a delicate cross located on a brooch worn at the top of her gown.

Her hands are folded  gently in prayer. Her wrists are tied together by a cord to signify that she belongs to someone more important than herself. She wears white fur cuffs symbolizing she is someone of royalty. 

Her gown flows gracefully to what appears to be her right foot. Look very closely! Is it a bare foot or an awkward slipper? Could it be an infant's face, and the baby is carefully wrapped at the Lady's feet?

Her turquoise-colored mantle, the loose sleeveless cloak, is covered with countless golden images of stars. 

The black tie under her breast indicates she is pregnant - pregnant with whom? 

Her beautiful body stands before the golden rays of the sun and above a darkened moon, as a child-like angel supports the entire image.

Who is this princess and why was she sent?