One day something happened ~~  

                          A happening that would transform the course of human history on the American Continent.

On the top of a hill, located in the very center of all of the Americas, this mystical princess appeared to a native Indian.  

Juan Diego's sincere devotion to his faith was remarkable.  Frequently, he would walk to church in order to  worship God and to receive instruction in the teachings of the "New Faith" brought by the Spanish missionaries.  December 9, 1531 began as a normal Saturday.  Juan Diego arose before sunrise to begin his 14 mile journey to church in order to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (as it was then celebrated). 

The path was mountainous and rocky.  On this cool morning, he heard a great chorus of birds singing more beautifully than he had ever heard them.  Suddenly, a brilliant light of rainbow colors appeared and a beautiful young woman came into focus.  His lively walk came to a sudden halt!!  





When he first saw her, she looked like a mystical princess surrounded by dazzling light, but as she began to speak, she took on the appearance of a humble, dark-skinned maiden. 



He quickly knelt down as she extended her hand and asked softly and gently, "Where are you going my son?"  He replied that he was on his way to church.  She slowly nodded her head  in acknowledgement and began to speak with a love that penetrated deep into his heart ~~"Know for certain the smallest of my sons, that I am the Perfect, Forever Virgin, Holy Mary, Mother of the 

      True God  ~~ For whom everyone lives. 
He is Creator of the people.  
                            He is Lord of all things. 

He is master of Heaven and Earth.

 I ardently desire that a little sacred house be built here for me where ~~
                  I will reveal Him,
I will exalt Him, 
I will give Him to the people through my personal
through my compassionate look, 
          through my help and through my salvation

Because I am, in truth, your compassionate   mother ~~ 
The mother of all who live as one in this land and 
      of all mankind ~~
of all those who love me, 
                                          of those who cry to me, 
                                 of those who have confidence in me,     

because here I will hear your weeping and your sadness and  will remedy and alleviate your sufferings, your miseries and misfortunes. 

Therefore in order to realize my intentions, go to the palace of the Bishop of Mexico and tell him that I sent you and how much it is my desire to have a house built here on this simple ground, my temple.

You will tell him everything you saw and what you have heard.  Be assured as to how much I will be grateful and I will repay you.

You have already heard, my littlest son, my love as a mother and my words.  

Now go and do your part." 

The young lady smiled and sent him on his way. 

Awestruck and almost in disbelief, Juan Diego continued his journey.  The cheerful bounce of his normal stride turned into a slow and deliberate walk.  With each step he went "over and over" in his mind the words that this gentle lady had spoken to him.  Repeatedly, he asked himself, 

                                       "Who am I? ~~ a simple farmer and mat-maker!"  

                 "Who am I? ~~ a convert to the teachings brought by the Spanish missionaries!" 

 "Who am I? ~~ that a heavenly princess would speak to me with such deep concern about such important matters!"