Yes! Juan Diego's uncle was cured ~~

But the historical event that took place later that day, Tuesday, December 12, 1531, is responsible for the "transformation" of the course of human history on the 
American Continent.

The Indian Princess instructed Juan Diego to climb to the top of a hill called Tepeyac, "to the spot where you saw me previously. There you will find many flowers growing. Gather them carefully and bring them back and show them to me."

In obedience, Juan Diego quickly climbed the hill. When he reached the top, his lively steps slowed to a complete stop. There he saw a profusion of beautiful flowers including Castilian roses, from Spain, covering the rocky and frozen ground. He thought to himself, "I have never seen nor smelled anything so beautiful in my entire life." Each flower glistened as the bright morning sun was being reflected from the dew-laden petals. The sweet aroma of the multicolored flowers almost put him into a trance. After a few moments, he composed himself. He spread out his coarse cactus-fiber cloak, a tilma, like a large apron and proceeded to gather the rainbow-colored blossoms. He placed each one gently into his tilma. Then, he carefully descended the steep hillside to meet the Lady.

The Mother of God smiled at her servant and with great care, arranged the flowers in his cloak with her own hands. As she did so, she said,

Tell him, in my name, that in them he will recognize my will and that he must fulfill it. You will be my ambassador, fully worthy of my confidence. I ask you not to unfold your tilma nor reveal its contents until you are in his presence. Then, tell him everything. Explain how I sent you to the top of the hill where you found these flowers growing in profusion, all ready to be gathered. Tell him once again all that you have seen and heard to induce him to comply with my wishes so that the temple I asked for may be built here."

Holding the ends of the cloak gently against his chest, the humble servant of the Lady journeyed slowly down the steep slope of the hillside, making sure he did not crush the delicate blooms.

When he arrived at the Bishop's house, the officials wanted to know what he was carrying. Because they threatened to use force to discover what the Indian was protecting so carefully, Juan reluctantly opened his cloak so they might have a tiny glimpse. Overwhelmed by their beauty and aroma, they tried to take the flowers, but as they did so, the blossoms appeared to "melt" into the fabric of the tilma.

After witnessing this amazing happening, the officials quickly admitted Juan Diego into the presence of the Bishop who was meeting with many important people of the city. For the third time, he related the events that had occurred to him since December 9th. He proceeded to say, "Your Excellency, I obeyed your instructions. Very early this morning, the Celestial Lady told me to come and see you again. I asked for the sign which you requested and which she had promised to give me. She told me to climb to the top of the hill where I had previously seen her, to pick flowers growing there. I knew quite well that the summit of the hill was no place for flowers to grow, especially at this time of year, but I did not doubt her word. When I reached the top, I was astonished to find myself surrounded by beautiful flowers, all brilliant with dewdrops. I picked as many as I could carry and brought them back to her. She arranged them with her own hands and placed them back into my tilma in order that I might bring them to you. Here they are." At that, he released the ends of his tilma as he said, 

"Behold and receive them." The flowers and Castilian roses cascaded to the floor in a waterfall of colors and fragrance.

The room became silent! The Bishop's eyes widened as he beheld the exact sign for which he had been previously praying ~ flowers from his native Spain!

 Everyone's eyes were riveted to the tilma! They were speechless and awestruck!

 Miraculously imprinted upon the body of the cloak was a life-size image of the Celestial Lady ~ the Heavenly Princess ~ the Mother of God ~ bathed in her glorious light!

Everyone in the room immediately knelt in reverence. After realizing the miracle that had just taken place before their eyes, they bowed their heads in extreme humility and devotion.

In their presence was the Image of:


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