The appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe transformed 
American Continent 
 into a 
"culture of life." 


Juan Diego spent the remainder of his 17 years retelling, thousands upon thousands of times, the miraculous events that occurred in December of 1531. 

Having a permanent sign left by God on the tilma of a "pure-hearted" Indian, no one could deny the
truth of the story. 

Within 8 years, 7 million pagans were converted to the True Faith. Not through the work of human beings, but through the grace of our Lord and the love of His Mother, Mary, the Aztec's common practice of human sacrifice, atop great stone pyramids, to the pagan gods of the sun, the moon, and the stone serpent, Quetzalcˇatl, had finally stopped!!!


Just what is the truth of this story? 


The truth is that God sent His Mother

into an idolatrous nation where deep, rhythmic sound of drums may have been announcing death.  He sent her into a land where each new day brought the possibility that human lives may be sacrificed atop the pagan altars in order to appease pagan gods. 

Our Heavenly Father sent Mary ~~
the Mother of Love!!!

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The Encounter with The Living Jesus Christ

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