to the 

the United HEARTS of JESUS and MARY

Eternal Father, please accept this solemn consecration which we are about to make to You.  Because we have come before You as Your children, we gather with great eagerness and expectation, as children would to their Father; not doubting that their requests will be granted and their words shall be heard.

O Sweetest Hearts of Jesus and Mary~~

We have come as your humble children with complete trust and confidence to TO YOUR MOST SACRED HEARTS.
As our world becomes more entrenched in darkness, Your Hearts continue to be the precious light which illumines our way.

  We unite ourselves as your faithful children in order to
solemnly consecrate our beloved AMERICA  
her Church, all her peoples and all the world 
to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit
Your Most Sacred Heart, Sweet Jesus
your most pure, Immaculate Heart, dearest Mary.

Clearly realizing that we are not ministerial priests, but knowing that we have been invested with a common priesthood through our Baptism, we your children of AMERICA, promise to also unite our hearts in order to become one holy altar of sacrifice, whereupon we may offer our love, Adoration and our thanksgiving for the untold graces, spiritual blessings and material gifts which you have so graciously bestowed upon us; but at the same time, we also unite our hearts to become an altar of sacrifice whereupon we may offer reparation for the sins, sacrileges and offenses committed against Your Precious Hearts.  Especially we offer reparation for those sins we have committed by not respecting and defending LIFE from conception until natural death.

  In joyful hope, we have come with great faith and love
in the expectation that through this solemn consecration,
Your Hearts shall at long last triumph and reign “side by side”. 

We have great confidence that through Your United Hearts
the greatest gifts of Divine Mercy shall flow
 in order to transform through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT the hearts of the peoples of this great continent and the world.
We pray that AMERICA may once again become a beacon of light
which shines so brightly that it draws people from every corner of the world.

 Through this consecration, may
truly be, as Pope John Paul II said, 
"The CONTINENT of FAITH, of HOPE and of LOVE!"

Loving Father, Please magnify and multiply this consecration according to Your Gracious Will.